Baby Jessica’s Well-Made Play


Produced by WalkUpArts: Matt Engle, Audrey Frischman, Stefanie Harris, Philip Santos Schaffer, Anna Woodruff

Playwright: Philip Santos Schaffer

Director: Isabel Quinzaños Alonso


Baby Jessica’s Well-Made Play is a five-act phone adventure to the bottom of a well and out again.

Inspired by “America’s Baby” herself, this highly interactive, intimate, and conversational phone performance for one uses the true story as an excuse to discuss fear, hope, imagination, culture, and memory. Over the course of an audio-recording, live performances, and a secret fifth act that’s months in the future, audience members will discover what waits for them in the dark. 

Baby Jessica’s Well-Made Play will be performed for one audience member at a time, from the comfort of their own homes.

Sound designer and composer: Jorge Olivo
Dramaturg: Anna Woodruff
Developed with and Performed by: Mary Round
Additional voices by: Alinca Hamilton, Kimberly Hughes, Jennifer Jiles, Jorge Luna, Evan Maltby, Alejandro Ruiz

Platform: Telephone

The Look Club Rating:  TBD