Joe Joenliness


Produced by:  Please Don’t Touch the Artist


Siobhan’s emotional guide, Bruce Springsteen, sees her through her most difficult times. He plays his guitar and gives High-Fidelity-level loving and sagely advice.

At least, he used to. Until 2020 hit, and Siobhan got stuck with some guy in a pop trio (who doesn’t even play guitar) named Joe.

When Joe comes to guide Siobhan, however, the tables turn multiple times as Joe’s own emotional layers are unpeeled, in this funny and tender interactive musical comedy. Friends and lovers will join Siobhan in finding creative ways to teach Joe that we’re all, actually, uniquely alone. I mean, together. I mean, alone.

Whatever. What a man gotta do?! Let’s find out. Not with the one you love. Just, like, with this guy right here.

Run time 125 minutes

Platform: Zoom

The Look Club Rating:  TBD