Produced by: Olive Bridge Entertainment,

Digital Production by: Particle3

Executive Produced by: Kimmy Gatewood, Neal Dusedau, Scott Kramer

Created by: Neil Dusedau

Directed by: Kimmy Gatewood


Timeline updates the classic “coming of age” story for the digital age. It is an interactive high school show about Dee, a teen who discovers her phone’s social media feed predicts the future. Armed with this ability, Dee, with your help, has a powerful new way to navigate her relationships with friends, potential crushes, teachers, and her mom. Mirroring the user experience of social media, Timeline empowers the viewer to interact with the story by making decisions to help Dee survive high school. Viewers make choices that affect not only Dee’s actions but her emotions as well. These personal decisions forge a deeper bond between the viewer and Dee’s story.

Cast: Rachel Crow, Genevieve Hannelius, Sammi Hanratty, with Michelle Ryan Bathe, and Donald Faison

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Platform: Eko

The Look Club Rating:  Tbc