Amber Blake VR


Produced by: Europa-Park

Directed by: TBD


The interactive action adventure “Amber Blake: Operation Dragonfly” is conquering the virtual world and is set to become part of the latest VR attraction at Europa-Park from the start of the 2023 season. Based on the comic IP “Amber Blake”, written by Belgian supermodel Jade Lagardére, visitors aged 16 and older can look forward to a full body tracking free roaming VR experience that transforms the 2D comic series into an immersive 3D agent thriller and will offer a unique, distinctive experience.

The brand-new VR experience “Amber Blake: Operation Dragonfly” will be integrated into the unique VR world YULLBE and is based on the plot of the comic series and locations of the 3rd issue. Players will be plunged into a 30-minute interactive action movie featuring a badass female agent, a mysterious villain and a thrilling finale set against the stunning Singapore skyline.

To create an even more fast-paced action experience for “Amber Blake: Operation Dragonfly”, the YULLBE equipment, consisting of VR goggles, vibration vest and hand and foot trackers, has been redesigned from scratch and enhanced with additional features to make the experience even more immersive.

Duration: 30 minutes

Platform: Yullbe Pro