Branching Narrative Quest Stories

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The Students of Los Angeles Film School Writing for Film and Television Program


The students of LA Film School’s Writing for Film and Television program take a course in Immersive Storytelling (WFT 300). They are instructed to write a branching narrative quest story using provided characters and a pre-determined objective. They are then taught how to develop, outline and publish this story using online tools for branching narrative (e.g., Twine, ArcWeave). All published stories are playable by the reader.

Platform: Twine, ArcWeave

March 2024 (ArcWeave)

The Missing Treasure by Savannah Rayburn

Fork in the Road – Game by Jacob Kahn

All I Need is a King by Deborah Henson-Moody

Sir Augustus and The Elusive Diamond Fork by Ruben Gutierrez

February 2024 (ArcWeave)

Sir Chater’s Diamond Fork Quest by Cherell Perkins

Reality Check by Jasmine Moton

The Quest for the Lost Fork by Angel Baltierra

Knight’s Quandary by Shawn McNerney

Sir Augustus Search for Diamond Fork by Raschaud Farmer

January 2024 (ArcWeave)

She Rises by Amanda Desentz

Chorus of the Deadly Forest by Maggie Schleppy

The Legend of the Diamond Fork by Andie Corona Sanchez Armass

December 2023 (ArcWeave)

Recovering the Princess by Olivia Enriquez

Jewels of Flavor: The Diamond Fork by Alexander Sim

November 2023 (ArcWeave)

The Journey to the Diamond Fork by Amanda Amitan

A Queen’s Quest to Save Her Kingdom by Kimberly Woodin

Sir Augustus & the Tale of Diamonds and Forks by Jade Champion

The Quest to the Other Side by Shelby Billips

October 2023 (ArcWeave)

The Quest of the Diamond Fork by Lillie Sokolski

The Adventures of Queen Arcadia by Rebecca Stephenson

Journey for the Legendary Shield by Alicia Jones

Prior Terms

The Forked Path by M. Lee (Twine)