Clown Bar 2


Produced by:  SparkPlug Productions

Written, Designed, and Directed by: TBD


In 2014 CLOWN BAR, a clown noir, had it’s premiere at the Parkside Lounge and was hailed as a must-see, critically acclaimed, one-of-a-kind experience. CLOWN BAR was then published and has since been performed all over the world. Now the clowns are returning to the scene of the crime. A year has gone by since the events of CLOWN BAR, and Happy, the new clown crime boss, is missing. Foul play is suspected, so two cops from the “beige life” are enlisted to go deep undercover and solve the mystery. ​A Sparkplug Production in association with Thin Duke Productions and New York City Fringe Festival Directed by Andrew Block

Ticketed as part of the New York City Fringe Festival.

The Look Club’s write up of the Clown Bar 2 will be available on Medium when published.