Fall in Love VR


Produced by:  Tool of NA, Oculus

Directed by: Kevin Cornish, Tool Experience


Oculus Studios and Tool’s VR division teamed up to create this groundbreaking VR experience inspired by the New York Times piece ‘36 Questions That Lead to Love.’

Fall In Love VR acted as a commentary on modern dating by putting the human aspect front and center and creating real connections between people. The VR experience took users to a grove of trees, where a group of actors waited. Using sophisticated voice recognition software, users could then interact with the actors, asking and answering questions that range from casual, everyday information to personal, intimate information.

Developed By: Moth & Flame

Run time 125 minutes

Platform: Oculus Rift, Rift S (No Headset: Try the widget at the bottom of the page)

The Look Club Rating:  TBD