Like Real People Do: Long Distance Relationships Division


Produced by:  Linked Dance Theatre

Directed by: Kendra Slack, Jordan Chlapecka, Nicky Romaniello

Written by:Kendra Slack, Jordan Chlapecka, Nicky Romaniello, Rita McCann, Maya Carter, Remi Veronica, and Leah Ableson


LRPD:LDRD was an online, solo experience that was highly interactive and ran from May – October of 2020. It was an extension of the world of past Like Real People Do iterations produced by Linked Dance Theatre, each having their own unique perspective on modern love and memory. In this piece, participants delved into the world of The Department of Manhattan Memory over the course of four 30 minute episodes and explored how distance, timing, trust, and communication affect our relationships and our memories of those relationships. The piece included live interaction through Zoom, pre-recorded content, and personalized email communications from the characters between episodes. It took place over the course of 4 different days in one week. This is a filmed recording of that experience.

Kendra Slack, Jordan Chlapecka,  Nicky Romaniello, Rita McCann, Maya Carter, Remi Veronica, Leah Ableson, Edward Mylechreest, Katie Peabody (Voice Over), Oliver Burke (Voice Over)

Composer: Brendan Littlefield
Violin: Monte Weber 

Run time 125 minutes

Platform: Zoon

The Look Club Rating:  TBD