The Gunpowder Plot


Produced by: Layered Reality

Creative Director: Hannah Price 

Written By: Danny Robins


The Gunpowder Plot is a thrilling immersive adventure which takes place in a multil-million dollar, purpose designed venue in Tower Vaults, under the Tower of London. a UNESCO World Heritage site. This is the perfect family outing or team social that you will ‘Remember, Remember’ for a long time to come.

Travel back in time to the dark and dangerous streets of London in 1605, where there’s a conspiracy afoot.

Find yourself spying for the Crown, sympathising with the oppressed rebels, smuggling gunpowder and escaping from the Tower of London before your head ends up on a spike.

Who are the traitors and who can you trust? This thrilling 1hour 40 minute immersive performance is brought to life by live actors, million-dollar room sets and 3 incredible virtual reality scenes.



  • Meet the mysterious figures behind the plot
  • Witness an undercover mission to infiltrate their inner circle
  • Make an exhilarating escape from the Tower
  • Uncover a secret safehouse
  • Visit the ‘Duck and Drake’  tavern where Guy Fawkes hatched the plot
  • Smuggle barrels of gunpowder up the Thames in a daring journey towards Parliament

Talented actors guide you through the story from dark dungeons to the Tower of London, into a safe house, on to the boats and much more.

You feel fully involved in the plot as history comes to life all around you. But don’t worry – it’s not an escape room, you don’t have to solve puzzles, and you won’t be asked to do any role play!

Duration: 1 hour 40 minutes including the 20 minute intermission

Platform: IRL (Tower Vaults, London) with VR elements