The Opportunist


Producer: Quincey Szymeczek, Keeley Turner, and Hugh Hou

Director: Keeley Turner

Writer: Quincey Szymeczek and Gabriel Resstack

The duo Leah Haile and Quincey Szymeczek in Keeley Turner’s original comedy “The Opportunist.”
“The Opportunist” is a story about a friendship that is tested by hardship. The millennial struggle is real when the two realize that selling soda water to the hipsters in Echo Park isn’t what it’s cracked up to be to win a buck or two! Was it worth it? Find out if this friendship makes it through this hot summer day in the park.

Cast: Quincey Szymeczek, Leah Haile, and Gabriel Resstack.

Platform: Youtube

Look Club Rating: tbd