El 48

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Production Company: Spark Media, UXR Tech, and Glenda Umaña Communications

Executive Producer: Glenda Umaña

Director: Andrea Kalin

Writer: Andrea Kalin and James Mirabello

EL 48 is an immersive, virtual reality experience. More than an experience, it’s a kind of time-traveling state of mind. A shared memory of a pivotal period that offers you the freedom to witness the moment when critical decisions were made in history. To feel it. Hear it. And connect with other people experiencing the same moment together. El 48 recreates and allows you to interact with the moment when Costa Rica’s President Jose Figueres Ferrer struck the wall of the country’s largest military headquarters, officially dismantling the Costa Rican military. EL 48 interactively escorts the user on a journey through history and the far-reaching implications of one symbolic moment in time.

Platform: Oculus Quest

Look Club Rating: TBD