LA Art Show DIVERSEartLA 2024



2024 dates: February 14-18

Produced by: Kassandra Voyagis

Directed by: Kassandra Voyagis

Curated by: Marisa Caichiolo


Additional Represented Galleries/Artists To Be Announced

Platform: IRL @ Los Angeles Convention Center


LA Art Show‘s DIVERSEartLA connects important local and international art institutions to generate thoughtful dialogue through art while also honoring the unique biodiversity of Los Angeles.

“Memory is a fundamental aspect of human experience that shapes our individual and collective identities,” said Caichiolo. “From AI-generated artworks to immersive virtual reality experiences that challenge our sense of self, the works in this edition invites us to consider the opportunities and challenges presented by AI and memory while also raising important questions about the ethical and social implications of relying on AI as a tool for memory and identity.”

Eight of the world’s top art museums, nonprofits and institutions will present solo projects, including the following two:


  • The Nevada Museum of Art presenting “The Journey” by contemporary artist Guillermo Bert andcurated by Vivian Zavataro. The installation features a series of 20 highly-detailed, life-sized wood sculptures of actual immigrants employed as frontline workers. Bert’s multimedia work explores how ancient traditions and modern technology merge to create narratives of identity, human memory, immigration, culture, and humanity.

  • TheMuseum of Contemporary Art in Bogotá presenting “Mythstories” by multimedia artist Carlos Castro Arias and curated by Gustavo Adolfo Ortiz Serrano. Appropriating the style and iconography of medieval tapestry, Castro uses anachronisms and the re-contextualization of found objects to create connections across times and cultures. His work experiments with myth, history, and AI, and explores individual and collective identity.

The LA Art Show is donating 15% of proceeds from every ticket to the life-saving mission of American Heart Association’s Life is Why™ campaign. The American Heart Association, celebrating its centennial in 2024, is LA Art Show’s new charity beneficiary and a global force for healthier lives for all.

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