The Office! : A Musical Parody


Produced by:  TBD

Directed by: Donald Garverick

Written by: Bob & Tobly McSmith

Music by: Assaf Gleizner

Sets by: Josh Iacovelli

Lighting by: Alex Stevens

Sound by: Brad Sievers/Mel Henry

Costumes by: Dustin Cross

Casting by: Bradley Bemboom


The beloved mockumentary reaches a new level of laughs with The Office! A Musical Parody. Fans of the television series will be happy to know that all their favorite characters are on board, as are some key plot elements. When the original British version of The Office premiered in 2001, it brought something completely new to television comedy. Sure, sitcoms had lampooned office culture before, but never with the cringe-inducing level of awkwardness that creators Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant allowed their characters to display. Then the American Office became an enormous hit series — and a comedy landmark. In the hands of writers Bob and Tobly McSmith, the stage version adds an unexpected tuneful touch that takes things to another place entirely, and the outrageousness lives on.

“The script, by Bob and Tobly McSmith, is mostly a pastiche of the show’s most popular jokes, set pieces, and plot points, with a sprinkling of meta-comedy; the songs, by Assaf Gleizner, send up show tunes from Gilbert and Sullivan and “Hamilton.” Zero concessions are made for anyone unversed in the TV series: this is strictly fan service, maybe best thought of as an instrument for easing the transition, after a year of couch-bound binge-watching, back to folding seats and the live stage.”


Duration: 2 hours

Platform: IRL (The Jerry Orbach Theater at The Theater Center)

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