Produced by: Last Call Theatre

Creative Lead/Producer: Jacob Zorehkey

Director/Narrative Team: Alexander Whitover

Producer/Narrative Team/Actor: Ashley Busenlener

Additional credits can be found here.


Guests join the show as members of the Church of the Broken God, an anomalous religion that seeks to rebuild their mechanical god Mekhane and ensure the supremacy of machine over flesh. The three sects of the Church: the Broken Church, the Maxwellists, and the Cogwork Orthodoxy, have been summoned for an Assembly of the Broken Church to decide the future of their faith. The Church stands at a crossroads following the disappearance of their unifier; Omniseer Robert Bumaro, Builder of the Broken God. In the chaos of his disappearance, only one thing stopped the Church’s descent into civil war, a supernatural Blueprint his Holiness left behind, a path out of the darkness and into a new era of unity. But as these sects meet and begin to vie for control of the Church’s future, darker forces lurk in the shadows, an ancient Cult and a superstitious Foundation work to manipulate The Blueprint and the Church sects to their own ends.

Help your sect choose a new Omniseer, uncover the secrets that lie beneath facades of divinity and forge a new future for this anomalous faith and the organizations operating in its shadows in this new SCP experience from Last Call Theatre. For you are called by The Blueprint and anointed with great supernatural destiny, only you will be able to guide this flock to the light or lead them to the wolf in this Immersive SCP Experience.