The Acey-Deucey Club: A Submarine-Themed Tiki Bar


An immersive experience including 3 themed cocktails inside of a submarine tiki bar. 

Created by: Cinereal

Presented by: Fever

Produced by: Kristen Boule

Co-Created by: Billy Bell (design director), Devin Compton Guzman (narrative director) & Lyndie Raymond (project designer)

Cast: Ginger Kearns, Lucas Alifano, Kim Dalton, Jeff Scot Carey, Adrian Mustain, Parissa Koo, Jessica J’aime, & Megan Crockett.

Platform: IRL


All aboard! Get ready for an unforgettable experience at The Acey-Deucey Club, a pop-up tiki bar set inside an American submarine-themed lounge. The crew invites you to sip on premium tiki cocktails and revel in the dazzling performance of a postmodern jukebox band. If you’re feeling inquisitive, you may choose to interact with the crew and environment to unlock the submarine’s secrets. It’s going to be a night full of live music and underwater scenery as you venture deeper and deeper into the dark blue! This faux submarine-themed vessel will allow passengers to board and navigate the depths of the ocean for a limited time only, so don’t delay. Come thirsty and leave with your sea legs!


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