Shaping Gravity: Abstract Art Beyond the Picture Plane


Produced by: Forest Lawn Museum

Curated by: James Fishburne, PhD

Platform: Forest Lawn Museum


Featuring the work of seven contemporary artists, Shaping Gravity: Abstract Art Beyond the Picture Plane brings abstract art into new dimensions for a mesmerizing and interactive exhibition that challenges notions of what abstraction can be. The seven artists in the exhibition — Jen Stark, Michelle Jane Lee, Rema Ghuloum, Shane Guffogg, Christine Nguyen, Sarah Ippolito, and Molly Larkey — are all connected by their ties to Southern California and bring unique aesthetic and philosophical approaches to abstraction. The exhibition includes sculpture, painting, augmented reality, and interactive video projection with artworks ranging from vibrant and kaleidoscopic to serene and meditative.

Exhibition curator, James Fishburne, PhD, said, “With Shaping Gravity we aim to challenge conventional notions of abstract art. People often find it intimidating and difficult to understand, but this exhibition makes abstraction accessible and fun while maintaining its depth and thoughtfulness. With interactive elements and incredibly beautiful works of art, viewers will be able to engage with abstraction’s many facets and forms.”

Shaping Gravity is Forest Lawn Museum’s first fully nonfigurative exhibition. It complements Forest Lawn’s renowned collection of figurative sculptures, paintings, and stained glass windows exhibited across six Southern California locations. Viewed in this context, the exhibition unites art across centuries and styles through an exploration of form, function, and dimensionality.

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