Produced by: San Musae Culture Center

Choreographed by: Yaya Zhang & Radhanath Thialan

Created by: Yaya Zhang & Radhanath Thialan

Platform: Hotel Indigo, Downtown Los Angeles


Since time began, the number 7 has been infused with mysterious, extraordinary powers. In the East, the notion of “Seven Emotions and Six Desires” has ruled for centuries, while the West’s obsessive passion has been its “Seven Deadly Sins.” This magic number is also central to the cycles of nature in countless festivals and rituals from Africa to Iceland. And of course, seven basic notes have forever anchored the core of harmony and balance in music. Se7en aims to explore the intersection of these trans-global philosophies all connected by this sublime number. As you travel through 7 chapters, each with a singular form of expression, you will break through the shackles of culture and history to understand the profound power of Se7en.
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