The Montauk Project


Production Company: MysTic Rooms

Produced by: MyssTic Rooms

Directors: Gara Roda, Moritz Marti and Miquel Llull

Interactive Designers: Gara Roda, Moritz Marti and Miquel Llull


The Montauk Air Force Station was shut down in the 1970s – or was it?  The area was transformed into Camp Hero State Park, but there have been ongoing reports about people running away from the base or disappearing in the surrounding forests.

Rumor has it that the bunker has never been completely abandoned; some experiments have been left behind, something in there is still alive. Worse, our investigations indicate that the danger is spreading. Your mission is to infiltrate the area, locate the source of the mysterious incidents and bring back hard evidence. Should you return, please remember to re-seal any gates that might have been unlocked – containing the situation is of the essence.

Cast: You and your group

Platform: IRL immersive escape room experience

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