The Orchard


Production Company: Arlekin Players Theatre and (zero-G) Lab

Produced by: Sara Stackhouse

Director: Igor Golyak

Interactive Designers: Agile Lens & Heavenue


The online experience invites audiences on a journey through a beautifully rendered, three dimensional virtual property that has been abandoned and is in foreclosure. There, audiences can explore and discover magical rooms where they uncover echoes of a past life, now lost, including Chekhov’s letters, memories, and ultimately the play, live, in progress at the Baryshnikov Arts Center.

Cast: Jessica Hecht, Juliet Brett, Darya Denisova, Elise Kibler, John McGinty, Nael Nacer, Mark Nelson, Ilia Volok & Mikhail Baryshnikov.

Platform: Off-Broadway Theatre &/or Laptop/Desktop Computer

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